CTA Coolant & Heater Core Flush Kit

CTA Coolant & Heater Core Flush Kit
Item #:XXX7200
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Our Price:$262.95
  • Will outperform other more expensive units

  • Entire flush job will take only 5- 10 minutes,
    working at 15 PSI reverse flow

  • Will flush with water first until clean

  • Uses air to blow out the entire system

  • Checks system pressure

  • Checks for stuck thermostats

  • Flush heater cores and free plugged cores




  • 6’ (1.8M) hose assembly with
    quick disconnect

  • Regulator assembly

  • 2 Aluminum step adapters

  • Water nozzle with quick disconnect

  • 2 brass heater hose adapters

  • 7 hose pieces and hose clamps

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  • "You had simple items that on other websites you could not comprehend." (7/11/14)


  • "I have been happy with this company ordered several times over last few years." (7/10/14)

  • "Awesome company to do business with." (7/10/14)

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