Stant InStant Fill Gas Cap

Stant InStant Fill Gas Cap

Never touch your gas cap again! Simply fully insert the gas nozzle through the trap door in the InStant Fill™ Cap. Stant's new InStant Fill™ fuel cap makes refueling easier. It’s easy to install and features a convenient trap door mechanism that accommodates the gas nozzle, eliminating the hassle of removing and replacing the cap when refueling. It also meets onboard diagnostic (OBD) emission specifications.



Ideal for the following consumers:

  • Elderly or arthritic customers: With no cap to twist, a source of discomfort is eliminated
    for those with arthritis in fingers, hands or wrists.                            

  • Clean-hands customers: Ther is no dirty, smelely gas cap to touch,
    so hands will not smell of gasoline after refueling.                            

  • Timesavers: Pushing the gas nozzle through the trap door is quicker
    than removing and replacing a standard cap.                    

  • Race fans: Fill up like NASCAR does during a pit stop.                         

  • Customers that have experienced a lost cap: There is no chance to leave the cap on the gas pump
    and drive away, if you do not need to remove it to refuel.                            

  • Environmentally conscious customers: Since the cap is never removed during the refueling process,
    fewer gasoline fumes will evaporate into the atmosphere.

With InStant Fill™ Caps, Stant now takes away a little bit of the pain at the pump. Quick, easy refueling with the InStant Fill™ Fuel Cap is as simple as inserting the nozzle fully and squeezing the trigger.

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