Lucas 10W40 Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil (1 Qt.)

Lucas 10W40 Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil (1 Qt.)
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Lucas Semi Synthetic 10W-40 is a blend of high quality base stocks and an exclusive high performance additive package that ensures minimum drag, extended engine life, longer oil life and easy cold weather starting. The best lubricant for both gasoline and diesel engines.


Meets or exceeds all manufacturers specifications for A3/B3/B4 - SM/SL/SJ/CF. Exceeds VW 505.01 - 505.00 - 500.00 and Ford WSS M2 C 917 A.

  • Lower oil temperatures for longer oil life and less metal fatigue

  • High lubricity for faster acceleration and more RPM's

  • Protects against oil cavitation (foaming), a must for high revving engines

  • Slows oil burning and raises oil pressure in worn engines

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