Airaid Air Filters

AIRAID direct replacement filters have a feature that makes them the most durable in the industry-STAINLESS STEEL. Combine our 304 S.S. mesh with our five layer media, and you have the finest filter in the world! Using durable media and premium urethane to bring you superior filtration, it is no wonder we can offer a lifetime "No Hassle Warranty". We know that our filters will last the life of your vehicle.

AIRAID's "4 +1" filter construction out-performs the others in clean air testing. Our competitors' airflow gains come at the expense of inferior filtration. AIRAID® provides the optimum balance between maximum airflow and maximum filtration by utilizing 5 layers. The Fifth and "last layer of defense" is a synthetic media assuring the cleanest air possible from any washable filter.
AIRAID tests to SAE standard J726, the method for testing fractional efficiency of a filter. We could say that we capture 99.997 percent of particles of 10 microns and larger, most air filters, capture the full range of particulates, even down to 2 microns. Our filters are so efficient that we test all the way down to 0.3 microns. At 2 microns, our filters capture almost twice the percentage of particulates that our competitors do, and more than 6 times the amount at 0.5 microns.


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