LUBEGARD Bio/Tech Engine Protectant (15 oz.)

LUBEGARD Bio/Tech Engine Protectant (15 oz.)
LUBEGARD Bio/Tech Engine Protectant (15 oz.)
LUBEGARD Bio/Tech Engine Protectant (15 oz.)
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Bio/Tech Engine Protectant is a superior friction modifier that reduces engine wear and disperses heat using proprietary LXE technology. It cools the engine by increasing the rate of heat transfer, without the use of chemical “enhancers” or solid lubricants such as Teflon, graphite, or molybdenum disulphide that can create sludge and varnish. It replenishes oil components that have been lost in the stress of operation thus increasing the life of the engine. This formula is engineered to meet the stringent demands of today’s hotter running engines, including turbos. It is also ideal to keep mixed truck fleets (gasoline and diesel) in good working condition.




  • Optimizes engine horsepower and performance

  • Reduces hot oil temperatures up to 30 degrees F

  • Extends engine oil life, resulting in extended
    oil and filter change intervals

  • Increases fuel economy by reducing friction

  • Reduces wear on metal components

  • Allows easier starts, especially in cold weather

  • Eliminates lifter and other objectionable
    engine noises

  • Inhibits oxidation

  • Blends with all motor oils

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