Corsa Performance Exhaust System Kits

Corsa Performance Exhaust System Kits



  • No Drone - This is what sets us apart from other exhaust manufacturers:
    RSC™ technology eliminates "problem" frequencies that cause interior drone/resonance at cruising speeds.

  • Improved Horsepower And Torque - Patented non-restrictive Straight-through design reduces back pressure
    and frees up additional power.

  • Great Performance Sound - Patented RSC™ technology allows CORSA to "target" and "eliminate" problem
    sound frequencies without "muffling" the rest of the sound spectrum.

  • Potential For Better Fuel Economy - Less back pressure and more power means your engine functions
    more efficiently and that translates into better fuel economy (if you can keep your foot out of it).

  • Premium 304L Stainless Steel Construction - Our systems not only look great but they stay looking great!
    Even our tips are a jewelry quality, highly polished 304 stainless steel. 304L won't rust (even on the surface)
    like other inferior stainless steel products. And, in most cases our system will outlast your vehicle (Ok, maybe not yours).

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty - The combination of 304L stainless steel construction and the fact that our systems
    don't use cheap easily degraded packing materials means they'll last and last.

  • Included All Necessary Hardware And Full Color Instructions - Our systems come with top quality TORCA Clamps
    and instructions that feature actual full color photos to make your install a breeze.

  • 50 State Emissions Legal - Since our systems are all designed to install rearward of the factory catalytic converter
    there are no emissions hassles. Just bolt it on and go.

  • Handcrafted In The USA - That's right. Our systems are hand-built right here in America!



CORSA uses its patented Reflective Sound Cancellation™ (RSC™) technology to eliminate low frequency resonance while minimizing backpressure. Sound waves are reflected within the muffler case, producing a cancellation wave effect-with no flow restriction and without electronic devices. The RSC™ design features a pipe running straight through the muffler, incorporating a full 360-degree air gap and allowing sound pressure waves to escape. The waves are channeled and then returned to the gap 180-degrees out-of-phase, canceling specific sound frequencies. All that remains is the clean, crisp sound of performance.


Figure 1 here shows a typical (but simplified) sound profile of a vehicle's exhaust sounds produced at cruise speed. Note the high amplitude of the base (low) frequencies between @ 70Hz and 180Hz, but especially at the 130Hz range where the amplitude (power level) of the frequency becomes great enough to surpass the threshold where drone or resonance is produced. This is what causes that annoying/uncomfortable hum or roar inside your vehicle.
(The actual frequency/frequencies and amplitude where drone occurs will vary from vehicle to vehicle, but the overall principles are the same as our example here.)


Figure 2 shows a representative comparison of the sound attenuation ranges of the two most common muffler designs on the market today; 'packed' or dissipative (blue graph) and 'baffled' or sound chamber/tank volume (green graph), versus the CORSA RSC™ technology (purple graph).

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