Gliptone All-In-One Ceramic Coating Kit

Gliptone All-In-One Ceramic Coating Kit
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1 - Gliptone GT Quartz Paint Coating - (50ml)

  • Protects paint surface from environmental pollutants, such as
    bird droppings, acid rain, road grime, salt, pollen and much more

  • Shields the surface from UV rays and harmful pollutants

  • Enhances depth of gloss and clarity

  • Protection lasts more than 12 months

  • Hydrophobic water repellency

  • Corrosion and light scratch resistance


1 - Gliptone GT Ceramic Coating Extender (16 oz.)

  • Easy to apply

  • Provides 2-6 months of protection

  • Protects against UV, detergents, contaminants, and pollution

  • Restores that silky feel and extreme depth of gloss

  • Enhances and extends the hydrophobic and protection qualities
    associated with Gliptone's range of GT Quartz coating products

  • SiO2 ceramic-based liquid spray coating rejuvenator


1 - Gliptone's GT Surface Clenz Ceramic Coating Surface Prep (32 oz.)

  • pH-Neutral

  • Safely and effectively removes lingering, grime, wax and oil residue

  • Works on paint, glass, metal, vinyl and plastic surfaces.

  • Prepares your vehicle's surface for ceramic coatings

  • Deep cleansing

  • Goes far beyond what degreasers, isopropyl alcohol and
    solvent solutions can provide

  • Non-abrasive

  • Leaves a perfectly clean, smooth, streak and residue free surface.

  • Leaves the surface static free

  • Helps maintain a dust free surface just prior to coating application


1 - Suede cloth

1 - Foam applicator pad



(Coating Application for cool-to-touch, freshly detailed or brand new vehicles)

  • Spray Gliptone's GT Surface Clenz directly onto surface and wipe.
    All surfaces must be wiped to remove any lingering residue

    from prior protectant application to allow optimal bonding.
    Allow 1-2 minutes of drying time.

  • Shake well and apply a few drops of Gliptone's GT Quartz Select
    to the included suede cloth provided in the kit.
    Use the foam applicator as a
    backing for the suede cloth

  • Spread evenly over the entire surface being treated, working to ensure
    complete coverage. It is recommended to work in a 2’x3’
    section at a time.

  • Allow 15-30 seconds of dwell time before removing any excess.
    Immediately remove
    any coating accidentally wiped on any
    glass or plastic trim

  • It is recommended to apply a second coat, allowing a minimum of 60 minutes
    cure time between coats

  • Note: If streaking is occurring when coating is being leveled, use a small amount
    Gliptone's GT Surface Clenz® sprayed directly onto a separate, and clean towel
    to aid in removal. This will require a second application of
    Gliptone's GT Quartz Select
    in that area, after 30 minutes


Care Instructions:

  • Wash surface regularly (at least bi-weekly for daily driven cars)
    with pH neutral soaps pre-diluted at manufactures suggested dilution levels

  • Use Gliptone's GT Extender every other month

  • Recap bottle tightly after each use

  • Once opened, you can expect a 30-45 day shelf life.
    Unopened, sealed product can remain fully functional for 36 months

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