Goodyear® Gatorback™ Belt Tensioners



The Goodyear Gatorback™ Belt Tensioners are engineered  for each application so that the belt remains at a nearly constant tension throughout the entire operating range. This insures a maximum accessory drive component life, while still preventing belt slip. The Goodyear Gatorback™ Belt Tensioners have an operating range, plus extra travel for loading (NOTE: Belt tensioners will be correct only if the belt length is correct and the indicator is within the operating range). The Goodyear Gatorback™ Belt Tensioners also help to dampen the belt and accessory vibrations, which are normal but otherwise uncontrolled and unpleasent. Belt tensioners generally do not require additional servicing and will self-adjust for normal belt elongation. Each Goodyear Gatorback™ Belt Tensioner is designed so that the belt tension, frictional dampening and amount of belt take-up are ideal for its application. OE Form, Fit and Function. Gatorback® Belt Tensioners are designed to match, so you can be sure it will install – and perform – as well as the OE tensioner. Plus the Gatorback line is engineered for approximately 80% of the world’s vehicles so you can count on great coverage.



Goodyear Gatorback™ Belt Tensioner Advantages:

  • Maintains its correct alignment to the belt

  • Automatically maintains correct accessory belt tension

  • Automatically dampens normal accessory system vibrations

  • Eliminates need to adjust / re-tension belts

  • Prevents belt slip (noise / excessive belt wear)

  • Optimizes belt life

  • Provides for indication of correct belt length

  • Provides indication of excessive belt stretch (replacement)

  • Improves belt system alignment

  • Extends accessory system component life


Tech Tip:

Consider changing the belt tensioner when changing the serpentine belt. Due to belts and tensioners having similar OE "design life targets"' it is often a best practice to replace the belt tensioner when replacing a worn or broken Poly-V® belt. Belt removal is required to change the tensioner. Therefore both together will:

  • Extend accessory drive life

  • Result in lower overall labor costs versus performing
    these services separately


WARNING: Under no circumstance should a tensioner assembly be opened to attempt repair of the internal parts as the spring is powerful and preloaded and may cause serious injury. Always replace a worn tensioner assembly with a new assembly, as there are no serviceable internal parts. The only part that my be replaced is the pulley.

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