Goodyear® Gatorback™ Belts





Gatorback™ Poly-V Serpentine Belts


The Goodyear Poly-V Serpentine belts are specially treated to maintain tension and resist stretching on both locked center drives and spring tension systems.

The Goodyear Poly-V Serpentine belts contain fiber reinforced Wingprene® rubber helical cogged ribs which offer maximum cord support and wear resistance for

unsurpassed performance in high horsepower applications. The backing on every Goodyear Gatorback™ Poly-V Serpentine Belt is a tough coated fabric material.

It is impregnated with Wingprene® rubber for heat and oil resistance to provide the high coefficient of friction needed to drive flat pulleys.




  • Quiet Channel Technology: Advanced materials virtually eliminate
    the usual noise caused by misalignment.

  • Greater Wear Resistance: High strength materials maintain tension
    integrity during belt service life.

  • Exceptional Belt Life: Advanced materials create a more flexible
    and cooler running belt, greatly extending the serpentine belt life.

  • SAE Specifications:  SAE J1459

Gatorback™ V-Belts


The Goodyear V-Belts contain high strength Vytacord® tension members which resist shockload failure. With their low stretch properties,

it assures uniform performance over the long life of the belt. The Goodyear V-Belts also contain fiber-reinforced Wingprene® helical cogs

which offers greater flexibility and reduces cracking and fatigue in the cushion member. The tension fabric on Goodyear V-Belts

are impregnated with Wingprene® oil resistant rubber to reduce surface fatigue and resists cracking. With a full V design,

the Goodyear V-Belts rubber edges maintain a positive, no-slip contact with the pulley grooves for a reliable energy transfer.




  • Tension Members: High strength Vytacord® tension members resist
    shockload failure. Their low elongation properties assure uniform
    performances over the service life of the belt.

  • Cogs: Fiber-reinforced helical cogs offer flexibility thereby reducing cracking
    and fatigue in the cushion section

  • Full V Design: Rubber edge maintains positive no- slip contact with
    pulley grooves and provides efficient energy transfer

  • Matchmaker: Goodyear EP's Matchmaker® belts are manufactured
    with precise tolerances and exacting quality

  • SAE Specifications Meets or exceeds J636c

Gatorback™ Timing Belts


The Goodyear Timing Belts contain synthetic polymers which provide the high strength, shear resistance, and environmental

resistance necessary to assure a long, dependable life. The facing of the pulley side of the Goodyear Timing Belt is a specially

woven fabric that has been chemically treated to reduce pulley friction. The facing is impregnated with Goodyear's high grade

rubber compound for outstanding resistance to abrasion, heat, and other environmental factors. The tension members on the

Goodyear Timing Belts are made with dimensionally stable, high strength synthetic cords. They start out precise and dependable

and resist shrinking and elongation. The Goodyear Timing Belts backing is compounded with Goodyear's exclusive compounds.

This durable compound has exceptional heat, abrasion, and ozone resistance to protect the load-carrying cords.




  • Tooth Profiles: Trapezoidal, Curvilinear and Modified Curvilinear

  • Precision Molded Teeth: Synthetic polymers provide
    the height strength, shear resistance and environmental resistance
    needed to assure long dependable life.

  • Tooth Facing Fabric: The sprocket side of the timing belt has specially
    woven fabric that has been chemically treated to reduce friction and provide
    outstanding resistance to abrasion and heat. 

  • Tensil Cord: Cord is dimensionally stable treated fiberglass,
    that resists shrinking and elongation.  

  • Oil Resistant Backing: Polymers provide exceptional heat, abrasion
    and ozone resistance to protect the timing belt throughout desired service life.

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