Goodyear E-Z Coil Hose Bender

Goodyear E-Z Coil Hose Bender
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The Goodyear E-Z Coil™ makes installing a molded heater hose easier than ever. With the E-Z Coil on hand you won’t have to keep on hand a variety of hoses or go to a store to purchase a new one. The E-Z Coil replaces 200+ heater hose sku's with thousands of applications. It will save you both time and money. It’s just that E-Z.




  • Bend straight hose into any molded shape
    you need with EZ-Coil.

  • Takes only seconds to shape using
    hand pressure only.

  • Maintains and holds up to a 90-degree bend
    and prevents hose from kinking

  • Stainless steel coils provide lifetime service,
    while strengthening and protecting the hose bend.

  • Chosen by Popular Mechanics magazine
    for the “Editor’s Choice Award"


Three Sizes Available:

  • 1/2" E-Z Coil
    (CLEARANCE - $1.97)

  • 5/8" E-Z Coil
    (CLEARANCE - $2.97)

  • 3/4" E-Z Coil



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