Liquid Glass Pre-Cleaner (8 oz.) & Microfiber Cloth Kit

Liquid Glass Pre-Cleaner (8 oz.) & Microfiber Cloth Kit
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The Liquid Glass Pre-Cleaner is a blend of refined, high-tech additives, with gentle, superfine low-micron liquid abrasives that luxuriously cleans all finishes, including clear-coats, without scratching. Its fast acting formula easily removes wax and grease build-up, road grime, oxidation, surface scratches, water spots, tree sap, and bird dropping marks. Also removes rust, tarnish and corrosion on chrome, aluminum, brass, gold, silver, etc. The Liquid Glass Pre-Cleaner protects against the harmful effects of acid rain, salt water hazing and exhaust blackening. Its ideal for use on chrome, aluminum, brass, copper, sterling silver, gold, plated surfaces, and all painted surfaces, including clear coat. In short, the Liquid Glass Pre-Cleaner produces the clean, smooth, high gloss luster that Liquid Gloss Polish maintains.

BONUS: Comes with a large microfiber cloth that is great for polishing and buffing all paint surfaces (color may vary)

NOTE: Not available for sale in the state of California. Non-CARB compliant

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