Liquid Glass Wash Concentrate (16 oz.) & Microfiber Cloth Kit

Liquid Glass Wash Concentrate (16 oz.) & Microfiber Cloth Kit
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The Liquid Glass Wash Concentrate is great to use between polishes and a fast and easy way to maintain the protective glow of your vehicle's finish. The Liquid Glass Wash Concentrate begins by treating the water you use to wash your vehicle, by softening and neutralizing impurities in water, such as iron and minerals, to prevent water spotting and staining. It contains ingredients to protect against acid rain deterioration and enhances the gloss on surfaces. The Liquid Glass Wash Concentrate easily removes dirt, stains, bugs, sap, etc. from coated surfaces, rendering a satin-smooth, just "Glassed" appearance with little or no effort. Amazingly, after rinsing the Liquid Glass Wash Concentrate off, you can drive your vehicle wet or park it in the sun and your entire vehicle will dry spot free as long as you first applied the Liquid Glass Polish. No towel or chamois is necessary unless you wish to do so.

BONUS: Comes with a large microfiber cloth that is great for polishing and buffing all paint surfaces (color may vary).


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