Wagan 300 Amp IonBoost V8 Plus Portable Jump Starter & USB Charger

Wagan 300 Amp IonBoost V8 Plus Portable Jump Starter & USB Charger
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  • Ultra-compact lithium
    battery power bank

  • Can jump start up to
    a V10 truck and RV BATTERY

  • Charges laptops, tablets,
    USB devices, and smartphones

  • Designed with simplicity in mind to be
    used by the most inexperienced user,
    only one button controls everything

  • Each iOnBoost has gone through
    rigorous testing to ensure their safety

  • Small enough to fit in your hand,
    in your glove box, under the seat;
    yet can power your laptop or
    jump start your car

  • Has the power of a small car battery,
    yet only takes the space of a
    20 oz. cup of coffee

  • Trusted electronic to keep with you
    when traveling, to be prepared for
    a roadside emergency or to make
    sure your electronics are fully charged

  • Can jump start a weak or dead*
    vehicle battery or charge a dead
    cell phone, tablet, or laptop

  • Bright multi-function LED light
    has 3 modes: solid, S.O.S.,
    and strobe

  • Contains 2 USB power ports

  • Contains 2 laptop charging ports
    (one 12V and the other 19V)

  • Built-in safety features include:
    - Over-charge
    - Over-Voltage
    - Reverse polarity
    - Anti-sparking (short circuit)

  • Built-in battery charge indicator


Kit Includes:

  • Red zippered storage

  • Jumper cables with a built-in
    safety module (Smart Cables)

  • DC charging adapter

  • AC charging adapter

  • Laptop charging jack
    with 8 adapter tips

  • USB pigtail charging adapter with:
    - Mini USB
    - Micro USB
    - Apple™ 30-pin
    - Lightning cables



  • Battery type: Lithium-ion Polymer

  • Battery capacity (watt-hours): 55.5wh

  • Peak amps: 600A

  • Cranking amps 300A

  • Jumper cables: 10 AWG, 8"

  • DC Accessory Outlet 1: 12V - 12A

  • DC Accessory Outlet 2: 19V - 3.5A

  • DC Accessory Outlet Voltage Selection:
    12V, 16V, or 19V

  • USB power ports: 2

  • USB power port: 5 V, 2.0A (each)

  • Battery status indicator: 4 bar, LED

  • Operating temperatures: 32°F–140°F

  • Storage temperatures: 32°F–185°F

  • Input: 14V - 1A

  • Recharging time (AC): 2-4 hours

  • Recharging time (DC with engine running):
    4-5 hours

  • Size:6.5"(L) x 1.5"(W) x 3.1"(H)

  • Weight: 1.7 lbs.


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