Wagan Quad (4) USB Power Charging Hub

Wagan Quad (4) USB Power Charging Hub
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  • Solves the dilemma of not having
    enough charging ports or having
    too many different chargers

  • Replaces 4 chargers in one
    easy to use unit

  • Offers 4 charging USB ports
    capable of charging 4 tablets
    or smartphones at once

  • Powerful 9.6A (2.4A x 4 ports=9.6A)
    in one package

  • Older chargers cannot charge multiple
    devices such as tablets and smart phones,
    but the Quad USB Power Hub 9.6 can

  • Replaces older bulky chargers

  • Takes up the space of about
    two phone/tablet chargers

  • Comes with a 3 ft DC
    charging cable

  • Comes with velcro mounting tape
    to temporarily place the charger
    almost anywhere

  • You can choose to permanently install
    the charger with a set of flush mounting tabs
    that can be opened and then screwed
    in to the location of your choice

  • Install under the dash, in the glove box,
    under the center console, etc.

  • Built-in safety features include overload
    and overheating protection while each port
    is individually protected as well

  • On/Off switch on the back
    to help conserve power

  • Compatible with most
    12V vehicles



  • Size: 4.3"(W) x 3"(L) x 1.3"(H)
    (11.0 × 7.7 ×3.4 cm)

  • Weight: 0.4 lbs

  • DC input: 12V or 24V
    (10V - 28V)

  • USB power ports: 4

  • USB output: 5 V, 4x 2.4A
    (9.6A total)

  • Low battery shutdown: 10 V ± 0.3 V

  • Vehicle DC power adapter: 3 foot

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