ACDelco Duraguard Oil Filter

ACDelco Duraguard Oil Filter

An engine running on dirty oil won't last. Keep it clean with ACDelco Duraguard Oil Filters. ACDelco Duraguard Oil Filters help capture harmful contaminants that can harm your engine, therefore, helping to improve the quality, performance, and life span of your engine. Oil is the lifeblood of an engine and must withstand extreme punishment. That's why it's important to keep it clean with an ACDelco Duraguard Oil Filter that helps trap particles up to 25 microns or one-third the width of a human hair. ACDelco makes oil filters to fit 99 percent of all cars, light trucks, and sport utility vehicles on the road today.




  • Excellent filter capacity, enhanced efficiency, consistent flow management,
    and high durability make these oil filters among the best you'll find.

  • Tight seals prevent unfiltered oil from entering your engine.

  • Consistent, dependable oil filtration throughout the filter.

  • Anti-drainback valves that retain oil in the filter help lubricate the engine during start-up.

  • By-pass valves help keep the engine from becoming oil-starved
    during cold weather starts or if total filter blockage exists.

  • Heavy-duty oil filters also offered.

  • Competitive limited warranty.

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