Replacement & Specialty Horns

When your car horn is just not enough or you just want to add to what you have, Auto Barn has a full selection of air horns, electrical horns, and replacement horns by Hella, Wolo or PIAA. We sell truck horns and RV horns that attach to your truck or RV's roof; boat horns, both hand held and horns you attach to your boat; air horns that resemble train horns, such as the Orient Express, Siberian Express, or the Philly Express; or horns that play novelty sounds or songs (ex. Dukes of Hazard, a turkey gooble, or your own favorite song). Plus we also carry PA sirens and accompanying loud speakers. Click here to read more!
Replacement Horns
Truck & RV Horns
Motorcycle Horns
Marine Horns
Replacement horns by Wolo, PIAA or Hella
Air horns that attach to the roof of your truck or RV
Replacement horns of varying loudness and sound
Hand held or attaches directly to your boat
Air Horns
Train Horns
Novelty Horns
Musical Horns
Available in a variety of sounds and styles
Resembles famous train sounds (ex. Orient Express)
Variety of novelty sounds (ex. wolf whistle or a bull horn)
Plays a variety of programmed songs or program your own
Sirens & P.A. Systems
Universal Chrome Horn Button Switch Kit
Electrical or motor driven sirens and speakers
Can be used with any brand or model of horn
Our Price: $8.99
Sometimes, the sound of your regular car horn just doesn't cut it. Either it's too quiet, or just too wimpy sounding. No one's going to pay any mind to a wimpy horn honking at them! Get a horn that tells other drivers "Coming through!"

At Auto Barn, we carry a great selection of all sorts of car horns. We have everything from standard horns for those just looking to replace their factory 'honk,' all the way to the loudest, brain-rattling train horns for trolling in public!

Whatever it may be that you're looking to use your vehicle's horn for, we've got it all for you right here at Auto Barn. Browse any of our sections above to find a horn that fits your purposes... Happy honking! Back to top

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  • "Auto Barn has alot to offer, many items are essential for any vehicle, they have a very wide selection all at good prices, I would defiantly shop here again." (12/16/14)

  • "Everything was easy, fast and just what i wanted. overall,,,great first time :)" (12/16/14)

  • "Great place to shop on line. They have all the things that I'm looking for." (12/12/14)

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