Goodyear® 25 Ft. Fuel Injection Hose

Goodyear® 25 Ft. Fuel Injection Hose
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  • Designed specifically for auto and truck fuel injection systems.
    Goodyear EP SAE 30R9 is CARB approved (C-U-06-011) with
    a maximum fuel permeation of 15 gm/m2/day at 40˚C.


Specific Fuel:

  • Gasoline, ethanol extended gasoline, oxidized sour gas,
    diesel fuel, biodiesel, lubrication oil.



    Fuel Injection 30R9 Construction

  • Tube: Black Fluoroelastomer/Nitrile

  • Reinforcement: Aramid Spiral

  • Cover: Black Hypalon* (CSM)

  • Temperature Range F & C: -34° to 135°C (-29 to 275 °F)
    Intermittent use at 150 °C (302 °F)

  • SAE Specifications: SAE J30R9

  • Goodyear EP Specification: 580200

  • Length: 1.5'


Sizes Available:

Part # SIZE
GDY65151 1/4" X 25'
GDY65152 5/16" X 25'
GDY65153 3/8" X 25'

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