Evo LED T-10 Bullet Blue Replacement Mini Bulb (Pair)

Evo LED T-10 Bullet Blue Replacement Mini Bulb (Pair)
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  • Universal Installation on all existing
    vehicle wedge 194 (T-10) sockets

  • Applications will vary with vehicle
    make and model

  • Each bulb uses an ultra-intense pair
    of LEDs that consume a total of
    1 Watt of power

  • Full 180 degree uniform illumination
    with a lot of light emitted and no hot spots

  • Long life expectancy of around 25,000
    to 50,000 hours due to low heat production,
    minimal power draw, and an aluminum base

  • Installation requires a 12 volt power source

  • Step by step instructions included

  • Bullets are simply the most powerful
    LED Wedge 194 (T-10) replacement bulb
    on the market

  • For off road and decorative use only

  • Check state and local laws

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