Green Monster Rear Window Decal

Green Monster Rear Window Decal
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The Green Demon Eyes rear window decal is made of perforated vinyl, allowing the driver to have a virtually unobstructed view to the outside world. Micro-perforations create a 50% open area in the vinyl surface, which helps reduce damaging UV exposure. All images are printed using outdoor quality UV resistant inks, which provide long term durability. Images can be removed easily in minutes. Glass cleanup normally requires little more than a strong window cleaner.



Size's Available:

  • Avalanche - 53" X 14"

  • Compact Pick-Up - 58" X 18"

  • Full-Size Pick-Up - 66" X 20"

  • SUV/Van - 66" X 29"

Before ordering your rear window decal you first need to know the model of your vehicle. Afterwards, measure the rear window at its widest point side to side and top to bottom. When using a tape measure, follow the curve of the glass and measure the widest points top to bottom and side to side. Most full size pickup trucks will require either a 66" X 20" window graphic. Smaller pickup trucks may require one of the smaller sizes.


The size of your window graphic is determined by measuring the height of your rear window as well

as the width from bottom edge to bottom edge.




Sizes Available:

SUV/Mini Van/Full Size Van


66" x 29"


X-Extra Large

Full Size Pick Up Truck


66" x 20"



Compact Pick Up Truck


58" x 18"



Chevy Avalanche


53" x 14"



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