12 Volt Adapters, Chargers & Extension Cords

Bell 12 Volt 5 Outlet Power Station with Dash Mount
Bell 12 Volt Accessory Plug with 8-Foot Cord
Bell 12 Volt Dual Outlet Splitter
Bell Battery Clip 12 Volt Power Adapter
Used to charge or save battery power on most USB devices
Our Price: $17.95
Replaces the plug and extends the cord on your broken 12 Volt product
Our Price: $6.99
Comes with 1-foot cord on one socket and 10 foot cord on the second socket
Our Price: $8.99
Clamps onto your battery terminals
Our Price: $5.29
Wagan Quad (4) USB Power Charging Hub
Wagan 12V Twin USB & DC Cup Holder Adapter
12V 2-in-1 USB Travel & Home Charger
GOXT Black 12V Triple USB Charger
Offers 4 charging USB ports capable of charging 4 tablets or smartphones at once
Our Price: $26.95
Contains two 12V DC outlets and two USB outlets, plus iPad compatible
Our Price: $15.95
Plugs into your vehicles 12V socket or into your home's outlet
Our Price: $9.95
Quickly charges up to 3 devices at onc
Our Price: $12.95
GOXT Black 12V Dual USB Charger
12-Volt Battery Saver Replacement Part
12 Volt 4 Splitter Socket Adapter
12 Volt Tri-Power Cupholder Outlet
Quick charges up to 2 devices at once with 3.1 Amps
Our Price: $9.95
Our Price: $30.95
Our Price: $18.95
Sale Price: $16.95
You Save: $2.00
Our Price: $12.95
12 Volt Glowing Blue Flames Twin Socket Adapter
Twin Pipes 12-Volt Chrome Socket Splitter
12V Triple 3-Way Socket Power Outlet
Double Socket Lighter Plug
Our Price: $8.99
Our Price: $9.99
Our Price: $9.95
Sale Price: $8.97
You Save: $0.98
Our Price: $9.99
Lighter Plug 10' Extension Coil
10 Ft. Extension Cord
GOXT Carbon Fiber Dual 12V & USB Charger
Dual 12 Volt & USB Socket Charger
Our Price: $9.99
Our Price: $7.99
Contains two 12V and two USB charging ports
Our Price: $12.95
Never leave a device drained again, able to charge up to 4 devices at a time
Our Price: $9.95
12 Volt Triple USB Charger
12 Volt Socket, Cigarette Lighter Outlet & USB Charger
GOXT 12V Triple Socket Charger With On/Off Switch
12 Volt 120 Watt DC to AC Power Inverter & Charger
Charges up to 3 devices at once
Our Price: $14.95
Comes with a 12V socket, lighter socket and USB port charger
Our Price: $15.95
Plugs into your vehicles 12V socket and charges up to 3 devices at once
Our Price: $12.95
Features two 3.1A USB ports and a single three prong AC outlet to power electronic devices and and many more household items
Our Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $33.96
You Save: $0.99
Dual 12 Volt & USB Cupholder Charger
Fits perfectly in your cup holder.
Our Price: $19.95
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