Interior Car Lighting

Auto Barn sells a variety of automotive interior lighting to add to or improve on the current lighting you have, with items such as interior car led lights or mood lighting of varying colors or styles, led portable lighting (great for your car, home or when outdoors) by Brinkmann or Sylvania, map lights, or lighting that attaches to your dashboard. Click here to read more!
Light Tubes
Map Lights
12 Volt Interior LED Beam Lights
12 Volt Blue Interior Neon Mood Lights
Neon and LED light tubes for your interior
12V map lights available in a variety of colors and styles
Directional blue lights will illuminate the interior of your vehicle
Our Price: $8.99
Soft blue neon lights will illuminate the interior of your vehicle
Our Price: $12.95
Wolo LED Screw Trim Lights
Installs to license plates, interior and exterior, etc., without any special tools
Our Price: $6.97
Have you put a ton of work into the outside of your car, but want the inside to reflect that style a little more?

Auto Barn carries a huge selection of interior LED lighting to give your vehicle's interior a beautiful light setup that will surely compliment the exterior lighting or even just the color of the vehicle.

We also carry smaller interior lights, such as map and book lights, or light panels if you're not looking to go too crazy with interior lighting. Check out our selection above! Back to top
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