Spectra Premium Mechanical & Electrical Fuel Pumps

Mechanical & Electrical Fuel Pumps

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Spectra Premium is a brand trusted for its fuel pump assemblies, electrical & mechanical fuel pumps and fuel strainer solutions for tomorrow’s vehicle needs. Spectra Premium’s ability to incorporate OE design and technology, executed with the speed and efficiency found within the aftermarket allows for unmatched product quality and breadth of product offering.




Spectra Premium Fuel Pump Assembly

  • Each Fuel Pump Assembly comes
    with trilingual packaging including an
    installation instruction sheet

  • Each Fuel Pump Assembly goes through
    an i
    ntense quality inspection to ensure fit,
    form and function during both development
    and manufacturing

  • OE matched electrical connections
    Rheostat ohms resistance are tested at
    full and empty levels

  • Utilizes a high strength, extremely hard
    POM plastic (Polyoxymethylene) to prevent
    tubes from breaking

  • Comes with wiring harness and installation
    hardware where necessary

  • Precision tested fuel level sensor ensures your
    vehicle’s fuel gauge will provide an accurate
    reading at any fuel level

  • Includes a fuel strainer for a smoother installation
    process and ensures a clean fuel system
    upon replacement

  • Fuel level sensor utilizes palladium silver alloy
    for increased durability and better resistance
    against bad fuel

  • High flow pumps utilize carbon commutators
    which increases durability and generates less heat,
    equating to a longer lasting fuel pump

  • 100% reliability tested for: voltage, amperage,
    resistance, pressure and volume

  • Lifetime warranty
    (NOTE: Failure to clean vehicles fuel tank,
    install a new fuel filter and strainer will void
    product warranty)




Fuel Pump


Fuel Pump


Spectra Premium Electrical & Mechanical Fuel Pumps

  • All applicable hardware and components are
    provided for installation

  • Carbon commutators found on specific
    high flow electrical pump applications

  • Increased durability

  • Generates less heat equating to
    longer lasting fuel pumps

  • Endurance tested and validated by accredited,
    third party lab

  • 100% performance tested



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