Brake Pads

Brake is your one-stop answer for OE and high performance brake parts at a great price! Quality brake parts is our first priority! We only stock items from premium companies such as Bendix, Monroe, AXXIS and Hawk Performance Pads. Don’t live with the squeal of low-grade brake pads when you can upgrade to a set of premium brake pads at our everyday discount prices.
Bendix Brake Pads & Brake Shoes
Monroe Premium Brake Pads
Akebono ProAct Ceramic Brake Pads
We carry the complete line of Bendix Brakes. Stay ahead of the curve with Bendix!
Cooler, Cleaner, Quieter Stops. Noise reduction hardware included.
Reduce and/or virtually eliminate brake squealing, groaning and vibration
There is no such thing as a set of lifetime brake pads. Your brake pads serve as a friction buffer for your brake calipers when they clamp on your rotor, and so, needless to say, they will wear out.

When it comes time to replace your brake pads, you will want to make sure that you get the right ones for your vehicle. Here at Auto Barn,
we have a wide selection of brake pads from all trusted brand names.

Our sections above have a vehicle application selector, giving you a
quick easy way to choose your brake pads, without having to worry
about buying the wrong one! Check out any of our pages above to see which brake pads are right for your vehicle.
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