Car Wash & Accessories

Car Wash & Acc's.When its time to wash your car, Auto Barn is the place to go for car wash products. We have a full assortment of car wash formulas, such as Armor All, Gliptone, Mothers Car Wash, Zymol or P21S, plus any accessories you may need, such as car wash brushes, car wash buckets, sponges, or car dusters by California Car Duster. After washing your car, Auto Barn has a variety of terry cloth towels, microfiber towels, chamois leather, synthetic chamois, wash mitts or Cailfornia water blades to help dry the interior or exterior of your car and prevent any streaks. In need of vacuum to help clean the interior of your car? We carry vacuum's you can keep in your car, wet dry vacuum's, or wall mounted vacuum's. We have it all at Auto Barn to keep your car looking great.
Buckets, Sponges, Hose & Nozzle
Car Wash Formulas
Drying Cloths, Chamois, Squeegees & Mitts
Brushes of all types and sizes for your car cleaning needs
Buckets, hose nozzles and related washing items
Liquid and powder car wash concentrates for all uses
Chamois, towels, and the water blade
Car and Bike Vacuums, Blowers & Inflators By Metropolitan Vacuum
Armor All Foam Cannon
Includes wet/dry vacuums and portable units for cleaning carpets and fabrics
A variety of dusters to keep your interior and exterior dust-free
Heavy-duty vacuums from world-renowned MetroVac
Premium car wash results with a thick and uniform foam coverage
Our Price: $36.95
Sale Price: $34.95
You Save: $2.00
Gliptone Blizzard Foam Cannon
Gliptone Pressure Washer Universal Adapter Kit
Professional quality foam cannon
Our Price: $63.95
Sale Price: $60.95
You Save: $3.00
4 piece adapter kit
Our Price: $36.97
Sale Price: $24.97
You Save: $12.00
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