Continental Elite Belts



  • High heat and abrasion resistance

  • Performs in the toughest under-hood conditions

  • Great wear resistance

  • Exceptional belt life

  • Polyester tensile members
    improve dimensional stability

  • Controlled elongation

  • Limited belt slip

  • Engineered and manufactured
    to SAE dimensions

  • High-traction rubber edges match
    perfectly to the automotive SAE pulley

  • Positive, no-slip contact
    with pulley grooves

  • Designed and constructed
    for maximum mileage

  • Fiber-reinforced cogs

  • Improved flexibility

  • Reduced cracking and fatigue
    in the cushion section of the belt



Timing Belts:

  • Meets OE specifications

  • Made to last

  • Precision molded teeth

  • Enhanced rubber compounds

  • Tooth profiles specific to the
    vehicle and OEM requirements

  • Resists tooth deformity

  • Improved tooth rigidity
    for longer belt life

  • Premium polymers

  • Heat and abrasion resistant



Timing Belts:

  • Runs quiet

  • Lasts longer

  • Made with EPDM rubber compounds

  • Virtually eliminates chirps, squeaks
    and squeals associated with
    pulley misalignment

  • Great performance

  • Low maintenance

  • Great wear resistance

  • Polyester tension member is
    specially treated to reduce elongation

  • Compatible with automatic
    tensioners used today

  • Abrasion and heat resistant

  • Maintenance-free belt drive

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