Car and Home Safety & Security

Your vehicle is an important investment. Shouldn't you make sure its protected in all ways possible? At Auto Barn we have a full selection of  car safety and car security items to fit your need and your budget. We carry anti-theft devices, such as car alarm systems by Python Alarm, steering wheel locks, such as The Club anti theft device, or wheel locks. If you drive a SUV, pick-up or van, you may want to consider a back up alarm or back up camera to warn you if somebody is behind you when reversing. In case of an emergency make sure your prepared with a first aid kit, emergency kits, escape tools, a fire extinguisher or a warning triangle. When at home make sure you know when and who is approaching. We have driveway alert systems that are motion or infrared activated or security lights, motion activated or solar powered.  When you need to be prepared for whatever may happen, Auto Barn's got you covered.
Remote Starters & Keyless Entry Systems
Alarms & Anti-Theft Devices
Back Up Alarms & Back Up Cameras
Emergency & Safety Kits
Warm your car up or cool it down while you're getting ready or waiting inside
Deter thiefs and protect your car with top quality anti-theft devices
Back up alarms can save lives and protect your car from unseen hazards
Emergency safety kits to keep in your vehicle for all situations
Deer/Animal Warning Devices
Tire Gauges
Motion Activated Security Lights & Outdoor Lighting
Escape Tools
Helps prevent injuries and costly damage from collisions with animals
A wide variety of tire gauges for cars, trucks and SUV's
Great solar-powered security device for any home, garage, trailer home or apartment.
Avoid the hazardous situation of being trapped in your car after an accident
Fire Extinguishers
Miscellaneous Safety Items
Parking Helpers & Bumper Protectors
Roadside Repair
Automotive and workshop fire extinguishers keep you prepared for dangerous situations
Safety items like lights and reflectors keep you and others out of harms way
Guide your car into the pefect spot every time and protect your doors from dings
Everyone gets flat tires and other troubles, so make sure you're prepared to handle it
McGard Wheel Locks and Lug Nuts
Mobile Video & Sound
Functions like a regular lug nut, but requires a special key tool for installation and removal
Our Price: $19.95
portable mobile video, headrest video systems, dvd players, stereos, headphones, more...
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