Sunshades and Sunscreens

A great way to keep your car or truck cool during the summer or to block the sun from your eyes or your passengers, especially children, is with a car sun shade or with a car sunscreen. We carry a variety of car sun shades, such as static cling sun shades, retractable sun shades (great for when driving with children), universal sun shades made of different materials in varying designs or colors, or lastly custom sun shades, made specifically for your car or trucks make and model by Covercraft. The car sunscreens are available in a variety of colors with or without designs or logos. Click here to read more about why sun shades and screens are so important!
Covercraft Custom Cut Roll-Type Heat & Sun Shields
Covercraft Custom Cut Heat & Sun Shields
Covercraft Custom Cut Ford Logo Heat & Sun Shields
Covercraft Custom Cut Carhartt Heat & Sun Shields
Metalized polyester laminate finish reflects up to 97% of UV rays
Custom patterned, insulated and easy to store
Custom patterned and insulated, with a Ford logo imprinted on the front
Custom patterned and insulated, with the authentic Carhartt logo on the front
Custom Fit American Flag Sun Shade For Windshields by Intro-Tech
Intro-Tech Custom Windshield Silver Sunshade
Intro-Tech Custom Windshield Ultimate Reflective Sunshade
Intro-Tech Custom Windshield Multi-Layered Snowshade
Available in over 2,600 custom fit windshield applications for cars, trucks, SUV's and minivans in varies of different designs
Our Price: $44.95
Metalized outer film reflects UV rays and reduces inside temp. by up to 40 degrees
Reflective mylar heat barrier that reflects harming UV rays, plus reversible for winter usage
Multi-layered shield protects your vehicle's windshield from any and all weather elements
SubZero Heavy Duty ArcticGuard Snow & Ice Windshield Cover
Classic Auto Snow Windshield Cover
No Glare Sun Shield Visor
Clip-On Sun Visor Extension
Universal protector that keeps snow and ice off your windshield
Our Price: $12.95
Keeps snow and ice off your windshield protects against harmful UV rays
Our Price: $14.95
Sale Price: $10.98
You Save: $3.97
Glare protector that provides instant relief from blinding sun and reflective surfaces while driving
Our Price: $10.95
Sale Price: $9.96
You Save: $0.99
Clips right onto your car's sun visor for added shielding of sunlight
Our Price: $5.99
Static Cling Side Window Sunshade
Pop Up Static Cling Side Window Sunshade (2 Pack)
Pull Down Side Window Sunshade
Sunblock™ Sail Away Pop Up Sunshade (2 Pack)
Attaches to side window using static energy
Our Price: $3.49, 2/$6.70
Filters heat and sun glare for backseat passengers
Our Price: $5.49
Pulls down to filter sunlight, heat and glare
Our Price: $6.99
Easily pops up to use and folds down to store
Our Price: $7.99
Sunblock™ Carbon Fiber Premium 3 Layer Accordian Sunshade
Sunblock Blue 3 Layer Accordian Sunshade
Sunblock Surf's Up Premium 3 Layer Accordian Sunshade
Sunblock™ Silver 3 Layer Accordian Sunshade
Features a double thick foam insulator and bonded mylar backer
Our Price: $7.99
Uses 2 reflective layers of mylar around an extra thick air insulator
Our Price: $7.99
Features a double thick foam insulator and bonded mylar backer
Our Price: $9.99
Features a double thick foam insulator and bonded mylar backer
Our Price: $9.95
All Season Windshield Screen
Mean Eyes Sun Screen by Chroma
Chroma Tribal Art Graphix Sunscreen
Fits on vehicles and interior hooks eliminate loose ends
Our Price: $6.99
4" x 60" windshield sunscreen
Our Price: $9.99
Custom printed on vinyl and mounts on the outside of your windshield
Our Price: $8.99
We all know how hot it gets inside a car on those sunny summer days. It can be quite irritating to have to open all the windows and doors before entering your vehicle, especially if you have somewhere to be.

When the sun shines in through your car windows, the heat is amplified exponentially by the glass on the windows. This not only creates a tremendous amount of heat, but is also very harmful to your interior, especially if you have leather.

The sun shade acts as a mirror, deflecting the sun back out of the car. This will prevent heat from building up, as well as protect your seats, dash, and interior from ultraviolet damage. The combination of intense heat along with ultraviolet rays will fade upholstery and leather, ultimately depreciating the value of your vehicle.

Along with damaging the interior of your car, the heat will likely destroy anything you may have laying around in your center console, under the seats, or even in the glove box. (Drinks, chapstick, gum, cologne, etc.)

These shades can be placed in seconds, and are even quicker to remove! Protect your investment today with any of our high quality sun shades. Back to top
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