Diesel Additives

Diesel AdditivesProtect your diesel vehicle from unwanted sludge and dirt deposit accumulation. Browse through our selection of diesel fuel stabilizers, diesel fuel cleaners, diesel fuel conditioners, and other diesel fuel additives to help prevent and protect against future problems. We carry the best diesel fuel additives by brands such as Redline, Power Service, Gold Eagle, Lucas, Lubro-Moly, STP and Gunk.
Lucas Cetane Power Booster Diesel Fuel Additive (16 oz)
Lucas Oil Anti-Gel Cold Weather Diesel Treatment - (1 Quart)
Cataclean Diesel Fuel & Exhaust System Cleaner (16 oz)
Star Tron Enzyme Diesel Treatment (8 oz)
Contains effective lubricants for the engine’s high-pressure fuel injection pump
Our Price: $11.49
Sale Price: $8.49, 12/$94.20
You Save: $3.00
Lowers the cold filter plugging point of ULSD and Biofuels
Our Price: $11.95
Sale Price: $10.95, 6/$63.00, 12/$126.00
You Save: $1.00
Reduces hydrocarbon emissions and helps maintain proper engine operation
Our Price: $26.95
Reduces all emissions, including carcinogenic, and particulate smoke
Our Price: $13.95
Sta-Bil Diesel Fuel Stabilizer (32 oz.)
Sta-Bil Diesel Fuel Stabilizer (Gallon)
Lubro-Moly Super Diesel Additive with Cetan Plus (300 ml)
Lubro-Moly Diesel Purge Injection Cleaner (500 ml)
Our Price: $24.99
Our Price: $79.95
1 Review
Our Price: $9.95, 2/$18.98
3 Reviews
Our Price: $13.49, 2/$23.90
Power Service® Diesel Fuel Supplement +Cetane Boost (32 oz.)
Power Service® Diesel Kleen +Cetane Boost Fuel Additive (32 oz.)
Red Line 85 Plus Diesel Fuel Catalyst (12 oz.)
Diesel Fuel Conditioner with Anti-Gel (30 oz.)
Our Price: $11.95, 6/$69.00, 12/$141.00
Our Price: $10.95, 6/$59.94
Provides faster ignition, improves efficiency, and reduces detonation and smoke
Our Price: $10.95
Our Price: $12.95, 2/$24.90, 6/$71.70, 12/$131.40
Gunk Diesel-Tone Fuel Conditioner (12 oz.)
Howes Meaner Power Kleaner Diesel Injector Cleaner (Quart)
Howes Diesel Treatment With Anti-Gel (Quart)
Howes Diesel Treatment With Anti-Gel (½ Gallon)
Our Price: $3.99
1 Review
Our Price: $17.95, 6/$101.70
Our Price: $12.99
Sale Price: $10.99, 12/$119.40
You Save: $2.00
1 Review
Our Price: $15.95
Liqui-Moly Diesel Anti-Gel Additive (1 Liter)
Our Price: $19.95
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