Power Steering Fluids

Power Steering Fluids

Which type of fluid should you use in a power steering system?


When flushing a power steering system or replacing a power steering pump you should be thinking, "What type of fluid should I use in my power steering system?" You might think "Power steering fluid, of course!" But not necessarily so. The fact is, OEs recommend many different types of fluids for use in power steering systems.

Lubegard Synthetic Power Steering (32 oz.)
Lucas Power Steering Fluid With Conditioner (16 oz.)
Pentosin CHF202 Power Steering Fluid (1 qt)
Johnsen's Power Steering Fluid - 12 Pack (12 oz)
1 Review
For all european, north american, and asian vehicles
Our Price: $17.95, 2/$34.20, 6/$102.60
1 Review
Our Price: $11.49
Sale Price: $9.49
You Save: $2.00
Our Price: $24.97
Sale Price: $17.97, 2/$34.90
You Save: $7.00
Helps prevent unusual wear
Our Price: $28.80
Johnsen's Power Steering Fluid - 12 Pack (32 oz)
Red Line Synthetic Power Steering Fluid (1 Qt.)
Gunk Synthetic European & Nissan Power Steering Fluid (12 oz.)
GUNK Power Steering Fluid, (12 oz. )
Helps prevent unusual wear
Our Price: $68.40
Our Price: $21.95
Our Price: $13.45
Our Price: $2.79
Honda Power Steering Fluid (12 Oz.)
GUNK Power Steering Fluid, (32 oz. )
STP Power Steering Fluid (12 Oz.)
Idemitsu Power Steering Fluid (12 oz)
Prevents leaks by protecting seals from hardening and shrinking
Our Price: $6.99, 6/$31.50
Our Price: $4.99
Our Price: $2.49, 6/$11.40
Our Price: $4.95
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