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Eastern Catalytic Converters are certificated in over 58 countries around the globe. Continual improvements in design, production, and product delivery systems have made Eastern the smart choice in Direct-Fit catalytic converters. Eastern Catalytic provides catalytic converter coverage for cars, light trucks, SUVs, and vans. Each catalytic converter is built to meet or exceed OEM specs with OE-quality flanges and flex assemblies. They feature proprietary catalytic converter chemistry and high-flow design that maximizes engine output and catalytic efficiency. Eastern Catalytic utilizes nanotechnology, which is the manufacturing and manipulation of materials at the molecular or atomic level, guaranteeing you a well-built, long-lasting catalytic converter. The Direct-Fit Catalytic Converters include Eastern’s Value Pack™ installation kits with everything you need for a fast, easy installation.


Please Note: We do not ship any Catalytic Converters To The State of California



Installation Kit Includes:

  • Air tube and hose clamps

  • Manifold nuts and bolts

  • Fuel injector air tube connector

  • Air tube plug

  • Complete installation instructions


Why Do Catalytic Converters Fail:

  • Melted Brick - Engine operating too hot

  • Oil-Fouled Brick - Engine oil is getting into the exhaust

  • Plugged Brick - Incomplete combustion by-products have plugged the holes

  • Burned Converter - Exhaust temperature too hot

  • Road Damage - Impact under the vehicle crushed the converter


Signs Of Need To Replace Your Catalytic Converter:

The most accurate way to determine converter failure is by tests such as those used in state and local inspection programs.
But the following symptoms may indicate need for converter replacement:

  • Broken or rusted-out converter body or end tubes

  • Fragments of substrate in other sections of the exhaust system

  • Absence of a rattle in a pelletized converter
    (if there’s no rattle, the pellets may have melted together or fallen out)

  • Presence of a rattle in a monolithic converter
    (a rattle in this kind of substrate indicates that the substrate has separated).
    A thump on a monolithic converter should make a solid sound to indicate
    that the substrate is present and is still in one piece


Essential Components of a Catalytic Converters:

The catalytic converter helps control harmful emissions from mobile engine sources by converting the hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide (CO) in the engine’s exhaust into carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O) vapor.

There are five key components:

  • Substrate—A ceramic honeycomb-like structure with thousands of parallel channels that provide a large surface area
    for the application of the washcoat and precious-metal catalysts. This is the clean-air enabler at the heart of the catalytic converter.

  • Washcoat—A coating in which the catalysts are suspended that increases the surface area of the substrate.
    When applied, it forms a rough, irregular surface that provides more places for precious-metal catalysts and makes the converter more efficient.

  • Catalysts— A combination of precious metals that is suspended in the washcoat before application to the core.
    Chemical reactions between the catalysts and engine emissions help convert noxious emissions into less harmful gases and water vapor.

  • Mat—A wrapping surrounding the catalyzed substrate that provides thermal insulation and protects against mechanical shock and chassis vibration.
    Mats are available in a variety of densities, thicknesses, and compositions.

  • Can—A metal package that encases the catalyzed substrate and mat, and integrates it into the exhaust system.



Sample's of Catalytic Converters:


            2006 Volkswagen                                      2005 Nissan




               2000 Ford                                            2008 Toyota



Catalytic Converters Applications:

  • Acura Catalytic Converter

  • American Motors Catalytic Converter

  • Audi Catalytic Converter

  • BMW Catalytic Converter

  • Buick Catalytic Converter

  • Cadillac Catalytic Converter

  • Chevrolet Catalytic Converter

  • Chrysler Catalytic Converter

  • Daewoo Catalytic Converter

  • Dihatsu Catalytic Converter

  • Dodge Catalytic Converter

  • Eagle Catalytic Converter

  • Ford Catalytic Converter

  • Geo Catalytic Converter

  • Honda Catalytic Converter

  • Hyundai Catalytic Converter

  • Infiniti Catalytic Converter

  • Isuzu Catalytic Converter

  • Jaguar Catalytic Converter

  • Kia Catalytic Converter

  • Lexus Catalytic Converter

  • Lincoln Catalytic Converter

  • Mazda Catalytic Converter

  • Mercedes Catalytic Converter

  • Mercury Catalytic Converter

  • Merkur Catalytic Converter

  • MG Catalytic Converter

  • Mitsubishi Catalytic Converter

  • Nissan Catalytic Converter

  • Olsmobile Catalytic Converter

  • Peugot Catalytic Converter

  • Plymouth Catalytic Converter

  • Pontiac Catalytic Converter

  • Porsche Catalytic Converter

  • Renault Catalytic Converter

  • Saab Catalytic Converter

  • Saturn Catalytic Converter

  • Sterling Catalytic Converter

  • Subaru Catalytic Converter

  • Suzuki Catalytic Converter

  • Toyota Catalytic Converter

  • Volkswagen Catalytic Converter

  • Volvo Catalytic Converter

  • Yugo Catalytic Converter

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