Tools & Equipment

Enjoy working on your own car? Auto Barn carries a full selection of tools and equipment to assist you on repairing or improving your vehicle. Whether it be a hand tool, such as a screwdriver, hammer, plier, wrench, or socket set - power tools, such as a power drill, power screwdriver, power sander, or an air tool - car battery chargers, jump starters, or car power inverters - flashlights, work lights, or spotlights - car jacks, car ramps, or mechanics creepers, Auto Barn has it. Need to diagnosis the problem before you can fix it, no problem. Auto Barn carries OBD Scanners and OBD Code Readers by Actron or Innova to help. Your air conditioner not performing like it used to? We stock all you need to recharge or repair your car's air conditioner. No matter what needs to be repaired on your vehicle - your engine, brake system, exhaust system, car alignment, car suspension, or tire repair - you can count on Auto Barn to have it.
Air Conditioning and Leak Detection
Tire Safety and Fluid Handling
Tools, Jacks, Torches, Workstations & Utility Knives
Scanners and Testers
Car air conditioner repair, recharge and leak detection equipment
Tire pumps, air compressors, tire gauges, tire repair and fluids containers and funnels.
Hand tools, power tools, car jacks, OBD code readers and utility knives.
OBD code readers, OBD scanners and engine testing equipment
Jump Starters and Cables, Chargers, Inverters & Cords
Flashlights, Work Lights, Batteries and Bulbs
Miscellaneous Tools & Equipment
Tie Downs Straps, Tow Rope, Winches & Hitch Accessories
battery chargers, jump starters, jumper cables, extension cords, and power inverters
flashlights, work lights & shop lights
Wire and cord organizers, respirator masks, and various oils and cleaners
Tie down straps, stretch cords, tow ropes and more
The Tool Chest
We carry the full line of sealants, adhesives and threadlockers.
driving gloves, work gloves, latex and nitrile gloves
Full assortment of tools and equipment for repairing all aspects of a vehicle.
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