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Your car, truck or SUV is an important investment, make sure its protected. Whether you keep your car or truck in a garage or outside Auto Barn carries a full assortment of car covers that are either custom made specific to your car, truck or SUV's make and model, by Covercraft or Coverking or universally fits most cars, trucks, or SUV's, imported or domestic by Rain X. The car covers come in a variety of materials and colors to fit any size budget, plus you have the option to add a personalized monogram or graphic if you prefer as well. Own a motorcycle or scooter? We also carry motorcycle covers and scooter covers by Classic Accessories in a variety of colors and sizes to fit most motorcycles or scooters. Click here to read more!
Car, Truck, & SUV Covers
Covercraft Motorcycle & Scooter Covers
Snowmobile, ATV & UTV Covers
Motorcycle Covers
Custom made or universal in a variety of colors and materials
Variety of fabrics and colors avialable to fit most motorcycles and scooters
Covers to fit a variety of ATV's, UTV's and snowmobiles.
Variety of colors and sizes to fit most motorcycles
Car Cover and Tarp Accessories
Accessories to help with your car cover or tarp
If you own a vehicle that you don't take out on the road every day and don't want to keep in the garage, it is important to keep it covered for that time period.

Due to weather and sunlight, your vehicle's paint and clear coats slowly become worn away over time. While this can take up to a few years to happen, you'd be saving yourself a whole lot of work and headaches by having it covered when it isn't being used. Keeping harmful UV rays away from your vehicle will also prevent the value of the car from depreciating, should you ever decide to sell it in the future

At Auto Barn, we sell a wide selection of car covers from various brands, such as Covercraft, Coverking, and Coverite. These covers are designed to not scratch your vehicle's exterior, while keeping dust, dirt, and precipitation away from it. They also eliminate the damaging effects of ultra-violet rays from the sun.

Get your hands on a car cover today, and you will thank yourself for it later! Back to top
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