Continental Elite Accu-Drive® Belt Tensioners


The Continental Elite Accu-Drive Belt Tensioners are OE-specific part replacements with proven performance. Designed for the unique packaging and operating conditions of engine and accessory belt layout configurations. Each belt tensioner ensures that your belt remains at a nearly constant tension, resulting in a maximum belt life while preventing slippage. When properly applied, Continental tensioners provide a pre-determined, constant tension and help dampen belt system vibrations.




  • Maintains correct alignment to the belt

  • Sustains precise belt tension

  • Dampens normal system vibrations

  • Prevents noise from belt slip
    and excessive belt wear

  • Optimizes belt and accessory system component life

  • Provides an indication of belt stretch
    and need for replacement

  • Improves belt system alignment


Tensioner Breakdown:



  • 1 - Lift Feature
    - Relieves belt tension to allow replacement of belt and /or tensioner

  • 2 - Spring
    - Maintains the proper system belt tension and helps to absorb engine vibrations

  • 3 - Locating Pin
    - Positions the tensioner to its mounting surface

  • 4 - Pivot Shaft
    - Ensures the tensioner is aligned with the other belt-driven components

  • 5 - Damping System
    - Compensates for engine vibrations eliminating drive system noise and harshness

  • 6 - Pulley
    - Ensures the belt travels effortlessly and finds true alignment

  • 7- Assembling Retention
    - Holds the tensioner securely together

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