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Each High Quality OEM replacement alternator features zinc plated pulleys and fans, new heavy duty front and rear bearings, hardware and insulators, regulator and high amp welded rectifiers, that meets or exceeds OEM specifications. All the alternators meet the high standards necessary to receive a ISO 9001 : 2000 compliance certificate.


alternator pulleys:

Vehicle manufacturer's provide many different alternator pulleys on late model vehicles. USA Industries alternators are shipped with the most popular pulley. However it is often necessary for the installer to transfer the pulley from the original alternator prior to installation.


• please observe the following guidelines when transferring pulleys:

Never use a "V"-Belt with a serpentine pulley or a serpentine belt with a "V"-Pulley. This will result in belt failure.

Always torque a newly installed pulley to 75 ft. lbs.

A pneumatic ratchet (air gun) with 90 P.S.I. air supply should be sufficient.




  • 100% New regulators and diode trios

  • 100% New or reconditioned high amp rectifiers

  • 100% New bearings and brushes

  • 100% New hardware and insulators

  • 100% New or reconditioned high amp stators

  • 100% New or reconditioned high amp rotors



  • Acura Alternator

  • Alfa Romeo Alternator

  • Audi Alternator

  • Austin Alternator

  • BMW Alternator

  • Buick Alternator

  • Cadillac Alternator

  • Chevrolet Alternator

  • Chevrolet Truck Alternator

  • Chevrolet Medium Duty Truck Alternator

  • Chrysler Alternator

  • Daewoo Alternator

  • Daihatsu Alternator

  • Dodge Alternator

  • Eagle Alternator

  • Fiat Alternator

  • Ford Alternator

  • Ford Truck Alternator

  • Geo Starters

  • GMC Light Truck Alternator

  • Honda Alternator

  • Hyundai Alternator

  • Infiniti Alternator

  • Isuzu Alternator

  • Jaguar Alternator

  • Jeep Alternator

  • Kia Alternator

  • Land-Rover Alternator

  • Lexus Alternator

  • Lincoln Alternator

  • Lotus Alternator

  • Mazda Alternator

  • Mercedes-Benz Alternator

  • Mercury Alternator

  • Mitsubishi Alternator

  • Nissan Alternator

  • Oldsmobile Alternator

  • Opel Alternator

  • Peugeot Alternator

  • Plymouth Alternator

  • Porsche Alternator

  • Renault Alternator

  • Saab Alternator

  • Saturn Alternator

  • Scion Alternator

  • Sterling Alternator

  • Subaru Alternator

  • Suzuki Alternator

  • Toyota Alternator

  • Triumph Alternator

  • Volkswagen Alternator

  • Volvo Alternator

  • Yugo Alternator


ISO 9001 : 2000 Compliance Certificate

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