Wheel Hub Assembly - Direct OEM Replacement


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The wheel bearing is located in the wheel hub assembly and on a typical rear wheel drive there will be one rear wheel bearing on each end of the drive axle and 2 wheel bearings, one inner bearing and one outer bearing on the front wheel hub assembly. On front wheel drive vehicles, the front wheel bearing will be pressed in the front wheel hub, requires you to remove the axle assembly and requires special equipment to change the front wheel bearing. If you need to change the wheel bearing on a front wheel drive car, make sure you check the wheel hubs for wear. An indication that the wheel bearing is failing is that you will hear a humming noise that increases with the speed of the car and will progressively get louder as the car speed increases. If a front wheel bearing has failed, you will be able to tell which bearing has failed by listening to how loud the bearing noise is as you turn the car from right to left. If you turn the car to the right and the noise gets louder, the left front wheel bearing is bad. The opposite is also true, if you turn the car to the left and the noise is more pronounced, the right front wheel bearing is bad. We offer hub/wheel bearings parts for most European, Asian and Domestic built vehicles. They are engineered, designed and built utilizing the strictest design and manufacturing guidelines, with the finest quality assured through our ISO 9002 programs.




  • Heavy duty balls for extended resistance to wear

  • OEM sensors & Electronics for reliable ABS,
    TC, TPM Systems function

  • Precisely engineered bearing races provide maximum
    load capacity and service life

  • ISO 7141:2005 quality testing

  • Factory sealed assembly eliminates contamination

  • OE form, fit and function

  • Broad range of import and domestic applications



  • Audi Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Acura Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • BMW Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Buick Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Cadillac Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Chevrolet Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Chrysler Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Dodge Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Eagle Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Ford Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • GM Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Honda Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Hyundai Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Infiniti Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Jaguar Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Kia Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Lexus Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Lincoln Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Mazda Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Mercury Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Mitsubishi Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Nissan Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Oldsmobile Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Plymouth Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Pontiac Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Saab Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Saturn Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Subaru Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Suzuki Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Toyota Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Volkswagen Hub/Wheel Bearing

  • Volvo Hub/Wheel Bearing

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