Stant Locking Gas Caps

Stant Locking Gas Caps


A gas/fuel cap has three very important functions; passenger safety, fuel economy and emission control.

Without a fuel cap, gasoline vapors will be present around your car at all times. Those vapors can be ignited by a random spark or flame and are very dangerous if you are involved in an accident or rollover.
According to Sun Oil Company research, a vehicle with a missing or inoperative fuel cap will allow 176 pounds (22 gallons) of gasoline to evaporate over the period of one year.
Gasoline vapors emit hydrocarbons which dissolve the earth's ozone layer and cause smog.

Original Equipment Replacement Type Fuel Caps
OE-style gas caps meet or exceed all original equipment performance and safety standards.

PRE-VENT® Fuel Caps
Pre-Vent® fuel caps slowly release pressure from the filler neck prior to the cap's removal to alleviate the problem of fuel expulsion.

Locking Fuel Caps
OEM quality construction and materials. The locking mechanism deters fuel theft and vandalism.


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