Car Door Molding & Car Door Guards

A quick and easy way to personalize and protect your car, truck or SUV is with car door molding and car door guards. They are easy to apply, universally fits most cars, trucks and SUV's, come in a variety of colors. and will help prevent the edge of your car door from getting small dents or chipping paint. These are great if you work somewhere where you have to park in a tight parking space, such as a parking garage, or in the city.
Black Tuff-Guard Door Protectors-Pair (12")
Stick-On Door Guards
Trimbrite Deluxe Door Edge Moldings (Pair)
Black Stick-On Door Edge Molding
1 Review
An easy, snap-on fit that fits most vehicles
Our Price: $6.49, 4/$22.60
1 Review
Includes two 6" anti-chip protective edge guards
Our Price: $4.99, 10/$39.90
2 Reviews
Protects your doors edge. Available in clear, chrome, white or gold
Our Price: $3.99, 2/$7.38
1 Review
Prevents door edge, nicks, chips and scratches
Our Price: $5.49, 12/$51.48
Chrome Stick-On 27" Door Edge Molding (Pair)
Pacer Slim Line Door Guards (4 Pack)
Pacer Rail Guard Vinyl Truck Bed Rail Cap Protectors
Trimbrite MZ3 Performance Door Guards (2 Pc)
Shaped like an “L”, allowing it to fit tight door jambs
Our Price: $5.49, 12/$53.88
Reduces scuffing & adds custom look.
Our Price: $10.49
1 Review
Protection against scratches, damage and dents
Our Price: $69.95
Street style protection for the exterior door edge
Our Price: $5.97
Pacer Bumper & Tailgate Scuff Protectors
Trimbrite BodyGuard Protection Film (12' x 6")
3M Door Edge Protection Film
Trimbrite Proteckto-Trim 50 Ft. Door Edge Guards
Ideal for protecting bumpers or tailgates
Our Price: $10.95
2 Reviews
Protects vehicle from road debris and stone chips
Our Price: $13.95, 4/$57.00
Protect door edges from chips, scratches, and scuffs
Our Price: $9.95
Made from PVC to provide long lasting protection. Available in black or chrome
Our Price: $24.95
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