S100 Motorcycle Care Products

S100 has been the premiere name in motorcycle care for over twenty years. Since their importation from Germany in 1984, they’ve taken the American motorcycle community by storm with their easy-to-use, incredibly effective line of motorcycle wax, metal cleaner, chrome polish, wheel cleaner, and detailing supplies.

The difference between S100 motorcycle cleaners and other products on the market is the synthetic detergent-based cleaning agents. Prior to S100, all cycle cleaners were made with lye or acid. These ingredients may remove some grime, but they leave white stains on metal. Degreasers will provide more cleaning power, but they are detrimental to plastic, rubber, and vinyl. S100 motorcycle products contain none of these ingredients or harsh solvent, and they actually perform better than the competition. Bikers took notice and S100 has been leading the pack ever since.
S100 Special Surfaces Cleaner (10.1 oz.)
S100 Total Cycle Cleaning Kit
S100 Total Cycle Corrosion Protectant
S100 Motorcycle Wheel Cleaner
Potent waterless motorcycle spray cleaner that breaks up bugs, tar, rain spots, and much more
Our Price: $13.97
Sale Price: $8.97
You Save: $5.00
Everything you ever need to clean and protect your bike’s finish is in this kit.
Our Price: $54.97
Sale Price: $49.97
You Save: $5.00
Easy-to-use spray that effectively protects your bike from corrosion
Our Price: $10.95
Powerful German engineered spray for safely cleaning motorcycle wheels
Our Price: $12.95
S100 Motorcycle Detail + Wax
S100 Motorcycle Engine Brightener
S100 Aerosol Total Cycle Cleaner
S100 Carnauba Paste Wax
Quick but thorough touch-up detail & wax spray for a lush shine
Our Price: $11.95
Formula specially designed for brightening black-painted engines
Our Price: $10.49
One-step complete cycle cleaner - just spray on and rinse off!
Our Price: $12.95
Abrasive-free paste wax blend of carnauba and beeswax for motorcycles
Our Price: $16.95
S100 Total Cycle Spray Cleaner
S100 Total Cycle Spray Cleaner - ½ Liter
S100 Total Cycle Cleaner 1 Qt.
S100 Total Cycle Finish Restorer (3.6 oz.)
One-step complete cycle cleaner - just spray on and rinse off!
Our Price: $15.45
One-step complete cycle cleaner - just spray on and rinse off!
Our Price: $8.95
One-step complete cycle cleaner that requires little to no scrubbing
Our Price: $13.95
Versatile polish for brightening metals while removing minor imperfections
Our Price: $14.95
S100 Motorcycle Polishing Soap
S100 Motorcycle Shine Enhancing Cleanser (11.8 oz.)
Clay-based polish specially designed for motorcycles
Our Price: $10.95
Removes swirls, film, and water spots of all types
Our Price: $13.95
Sale Price: $11.95
You Save: $2.00
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