At AutoBarn we carry The Original California Car Duster whether it is with a plastic handle, wood handle, dusting your floor, dusting your dashboard, or just anywhere with dust. The Original California Car Dusters are 100% cotton and will gently lift dust.
The Original California® Mini Car Duster w/12" Plastic Handle
The Original California Car Duster w/26" Plastic Handle
The Original California® Super Duster w/30" Plastic Handle
Pacific Coast Dash Duster
Compact, wedge-shaped duster easily gets into those hard-to-reach areas
Our Price: $11.95
Sale Price: $9.95
You Save: $2.00
Specially treated cotton strands lift and remove dust, doesn't just push it around
Our Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $17.95
You Save: $2.00
Perfect for larger vehicles such as SUVs, pick-up trucks, and RVs
Our Price: $26.95
Sale Price: $24.95
You Save: $2.00
Special dust grabbing formula
Our Price: $6.99
Auto Spa Microfiber Car Shine Duster
Pacific Coast Car Duster
Made with electrostatic microfiber that grabs and holds dust
Our Price: $11.95
Special cotton fiber cleans car without water
Our Price: $12.95
Sale Price: $9.95
You Save: $3.00
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