Shocks & Struts

Are you looking to replace your broken shocks and struts, or increase your ride quality? At Auto Barn, we carry a wide selection of standard and performance shocks and struts to suit your car's ride perfectly. Once you replace or upgrade your vehicle's shocks and struts, you will immediately notice how smooth and comfortable your ride has become! Browse through our large selection of shocks, struts, quick struts, Strut bars, and lift kits by Monroe, Tokico, Rancho, KYB, Bilstein, Leacree, Trailmaster, Energy Suspension, and Skyjacker below! Click here to read more!
Monroe Shocks & Struts
Rancho RS5000 Performance Shocks
Bilstein Shocks and Struts
KYB Shocks & Struts
Monroe Quick-Strut, Sensa-Trac & Reflex Shocks & Struts
The Performance Shock Of Choice For Light Trucks and SUV's since 1985!
The Bilstein Shocks and Struts are precision formed through a unique seamless extrusion process
Gas-a-Just Monotube Gas Shocks & GR-2 Gas Shocks and Struts
Leacree Complete Strut Assemblies
Restores a vehicle's original ride, handling and control, and meet or exceed OE standards
When it comes to a smooth ride, it's important to keep your shocks and struts maintained in order to absorb the stress put on your car by the road. Over time, bumps in the pavement wear away at your struts and shocks, causing your ride to become bumpy and uncomfortable.

A good set of shocks will also help keep the bottom end of your car in better shape for the long haul, as it will be handling less abuse from those all-too-common poorly paved roads. Check out the diagram on the right to see just how shocks absorb the impact of the road! Back to top
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