Fuel System Additives

Fuel System AdditivesA dirty fuel system can affect your vehicle's performance in several ways. Over time your vehicle builds up sulfur deposits and clogs your intake, exhaust, and other ports inside your engine. Therefore, leading to excess pollution, less fuel efficiency or reduced power when stepping down on your gas pedal. By using any of these products below, you will notice just how smoothly and efficiently your car was meant to run. At Auto Barn, we carry fuel treatments, fuel cleaners, octane boosters, fuel conditioners, and fuel stabilizers for gas or diesel engines by STP, Lucas Oil, Gunk Engine Cleaner, Lubro-Moly, Chevron Techron, Gumout, or Lubegard. These additives not only keep your car running efficiently, but will ultimately keep your engine, and fuel tank in better shape in the long run. Check out our selection below and see what your fuel system could use!
Diesel Additives
Octane Boosters
Fuel Additives
Fuel System Cleaners
Fuel Anti-Gel and Conditioner
Liquid Octane Enhancers
Fuel Stabilizers, Treatments, Additives, and Substitutes
Injector and carburetor system treatment
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