Car Interior Care

Keeping the inside of your car clean and smelling great, is just as important as the outside. Auto Barn carries a full assortment of car interior cleaners and protectants for a variety of fabrics, such as car leather cleaners by Lexol, Collinite, or Gliptone, plastic cleaners or vinyl cleaners by Meguiar's, Mothers Polish or Armor All, or upholstery cleaners by Turtle Wax, Febreze, or Blue Coral Upholstery Cleaner. The great thing about many of these interior cleaners is that once they are applied, they play a tremendous role in protecting against future damage or stains. Is your car's glass dirty or you have problems with it fogging up? We have a variety of car glass cleaners or treatments to choose from, such as Rain X Glass Cleaner, Zymol Glass Wash, Armor All Glass Wipes, or Rain X Anti Fog treatments. Plus we have microfiber cloths and lint brushes to assist in keeping the interior of your car looking great without scratching any surfaces!
Leather Care
Upholstery Care
Car Glass Care
Leather cleaners, conditioners, and repair kits
All-purpose liquid protectants for vinyl, plastic, and more
Carpet and upholstery cleaners, repair kits, stain removers and deodorizers
Glass treatments and cleaners for clear, no-haze driving
Cleaning Utilities
Brushes, vacuums, dusters and other cleaning tools
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