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Auto Barn carries a full assortment of car wax for both the amateur and professional detailers. We have several formula's to choose from such as car liquid wax by Mothers Car Wax, Collinite, Zymol, etc.; car paste wax, with or without carnauba, by Gliptone, Turtle Wax, Nu Finish Car Polish, etc.; or quick wax, for the times when you just need to give you car a quick shine, by Lucas Oil, Liquid Glass, Meguiar's, etc. For the true car enthusiast we have full car wax kits containing all you need for that professional detailed look by Zymol and P21S. To aid in waxing your car, Auto Barn provides several accessories from car buffers to wax applicators pads and microfiber cloths. Remember, it's always important to keep the exterior of your car clean, waxed, and polished to preserve your paint and clear coats and prevent rust! We have it all at Auto Barn to give your car the shine and protection you're looking for! Click here to read more!
Liquid Wax & Liquid Polish
Paste Wax & Paste Polish
Pre-Wax Cleaners
Quick Wax
Liquid polish and waxes
Paste wax and polish
Remove swirls, scratches, bugs and tar before waxing
Fast drying, spray on waxes, polishes and exterior effects
Wax and Polishing Kits
Polishing Accessories
All-encompassing kits for waxing and polishing
Applicators, cloths, buffers, polishers and bonnets
Waxing and polishing your vehicle is so much more than meets the eye. While a fresh wax and polish always looks great on your car, it is actually an essential part of maintaining your vehicle's worth.

No matter how, where, or what you drive, your car's exterior is constantly facing the hardships of the road, the air, and the weather. The clear coat on your paint will inevitably wear thin, leaving your paint job exposed to all sorts of impurities that are harmful in many ways.
Dirt, dust, bugs, industrial fallout, weather; these are all things that affect your car negatively. When you apply a good wax coating and maintain it, you are doing your car an enormous favor by keeping its paint from being badly damaged.

Don't be that rusty old jalopy sputtering down the road. Get your hands on any of our amazing wax products and thank yourself years later when your car's paint job is still in perfect condition! Back to top

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