Bosch Evolution™ Wiper Blades

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The Bracketless Bosch Evolution™ Wiper Blade is the new shape of wiper blade technology. As the name implies, bracketless wiper blades, also known as beam blades, are designed without the metal or plastic brackets, joints or hinges of conventional wiper blades; so snow and ice have nowhere to build up. In addition, the patented design of Bosch Evolution™ features dual precision-tensioned steel springs that distribute more uniform pressure along the entire length of the blade for exceptional all-weather visibility. Replace your conventional wiper blades with Bosch Evolution™ and see if you don't agree that bracketless is better.


Fits all the most popular wiper arm types:

• 9 x 3 hook
• 9 x 4 hook

• Small pin

• Large pin




Precision-cut, specially blended natural rubber wiping edge

• Removes even the smallest droplets for clear visibility and safer driving

• Graphite-treated to reduce blade chatter

Patented bracketless design

• Better resistance to ice and snow build-up for better performance

and visibility in all weather

Precision-tensioned dual steel springs

• Create tension memory, applying uniform pressure along

the entire blade length

• Crystal-clear visibility

Symmetrical wind spoiler

• Uses air flow to increase blade-to-windshield contact

Shields tension springs from all weather elements

• Exceptional performance in even the worst weather

DirectConnect™ installation system

• Easy installation with no adapters for most vehicles



Bosch Evolution™ Blades Specifications:



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