Control Arms





the most comprehensive,

all-inclusive control arm program in the aftermarket!!!

Dorman® has the largest coverage for the most failure-prone applications. There is no late-model coverage of control arms offered elsewhere in the aftermarket. Dorman® offer's control arms for all domestic and import cars, popular light trucks, and SUV's. No one in the aftermarket wants to be forced to source parts from, or send their customers to, the OE dealer, since failed control arm fails are re-stocked at OE dealerships in the first place. The better alternative is a Dorman OE Solutions, a line of application-specific, new-to-the-aftermarket contol arm. The control arms are engineered to be OE specific that fit and function exactly like the OE equivalent. At Dorman®, they take pride in the quality of their products and in your satisfaction with their performance!

Each Kit Includes:

  • Ball Joint

  • Bushings

  • New hardware (where applicable)





  • Wear
    Worn ball joint deforms control arm seat
    Damaged when pressing out/in ball joint
    Worn bushings can damage the arm

  • Crash/Road Hazard
    Control arms bend/deform due to minor impacts
    Control arms can bend from pot holes, curbs, and speed bumps

  • Component Wear on Integrated Assemblies
    Ball joint or bushings cannot be replaced separately on some units

Samples of Control Arms:


1973-1984 GM Trucks


1999-2000 Ford and Mercury


1996-2000 Chrysler and Dodge


1995-2002 Ford



Control Arm Applications:
  • Acura Control Arm

  • Audi Control Arm

  • BMW Control Arm

  • Buick Control Arm

  • Cadillac Control Arm

  • Chevrolet Control Arm

  • Chevrolet Truck Control Arm

  • Chrysler Control Arm

  • Dodge Control Arm

  • Dodge Truck Control Arm

  • Eagle Control Arm

  • Ford Control Arm

  • Ford Truck Control Arm

  • Geo Control Arm

  • GMC Truck Control Arm

  • Honda Control Arm

  • Hummer Control Arm

  • Hyundai Control Arm

  • Infiniti Control Arm

  • Lincoln Control Arm

  • Mazda Control Arm

  • Mazda Truck Control Arm

  • Mercedes-Benz Control Arm

  • Mercury Control Arm

  • Merkur Control Arm

  • Mitsubishi Control Arm

  • Nissan Control Arm

  • Nissan Truck Control Arm

  • Oldsmobile Control Arm

  • Plymouth Control Arm

  • Plymouth Truck Control Arm

  • Pontiac Control Arm

  • Saturn Control Arm

  • Suzuki Control Arm

  • Toyota Control Arm

  • Toyota Truck Control Arm

  • Volkswagen Control Arm

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