Front End Masks (Bras)

Are you sick of pebbles hitting the front of your car on those long highway trips? Have you had it up to here with the frustration of scrubbing bugs off of your grille, hood and headlights? The more you drive (and especially if you drive fast), the more abuse your front end will take from the gauntlet of the road. Here at Auto Barn, we offer full, mini, and hood bras and masks for your vehicle from trusted brands Covercraft, and LeBra. Why are front end covers so important? Click here to find out why!
LeBra Custom Front End Covers
LeBra Custom Hood Protectors
Full front cover for protecting against nicks, scratches, bugs, and scrapes
Custom mini front covers to protect against nicks, scratches, and scrapes
Think about it; your car is constantly traveling at speeds of anywhere from 15-70mph, almost every day in most cases. The front end of your vehicle is out there taking all that abuse, rain, snow, or shine. Don't you think it deserves a little protection?

With a front end mask or bra, you are adding a tremendous amount of protection to the front end of your vehicle when it comes to driving constantly, or at high speeds. All those tiny pebbles, bugs, and grains of dirt, sand, salt, and whatever else is out there, are constantly slamming into your car. Over time, those tiny grains of dirt wear away at the paint and wax on the front of your vehicle. A front end mask or bra will prevent all of these things, which will keep the value of the car from depreciating over time.

And how long does it take you just to scrub out just one big, obnoxious bug stain? If your car is covered in bug tar for more than a day or so, the acidity of the bugs will work their way into your paint, forever damaging your exterior. Don't let that happen! All of these front end covers are easily removable and washable, so you'll never have to worry about those nasty bug splats messing up your paint again. Simply remove and wash whenever necessary! Back to top
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