Intro-Tech Custom Windshield Ultimate Reflective Sunshade


Intro-Tech Custom Ultimate Reflector Sun Shades are constructed using a quality multi-layered material with a reflective mylar heat barrier that reflects harming UV rays. Each sun shade is computer precision cut for a custom fit, reducing your vehicles inside temperatures by up to 40 degrees (F). Reducing the heat inside your vehicle will protect leather seats from becoming hot and cracking while keeping your steering wheel and shift knob comfortable to the touch. Each sun shade has a UV resistant finish and a non-abrasive velour binding. When not in use, simply fold it in seconds and store in it's own leatherette storage bag. Plus the Intro-Tech Custom Ultimate Reflector Sun Shade is reversible and can be used for winter usage as well.




  • Outer reflective mylar layer

  • Multi-layered heat barrier

  • Prevents heat buildup by as much
    40 degrees (F)

  • Prevents ugly, costly dashboard
    cracks and fading

  • Unfolds and installs in seconds

  • When not in use, stores in it's own
    leatherette storage bag

  • Finished with a non-abrasive
    velour binding.

  • Reversible for winter usage,
    acts like a thermal blanket

  • Graphite protective felt, allows it to
    be reversible for winter use

  • Lifetime warranty


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