Monroe Quick-Strut

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The revolutionary Monroe Quick-Strut unit is the first complete, ready-to-install replacement strut assembly available! Monroe Quick-Strut units include all the components required for strut replacement in a single, fully-assembled unit. They feature pre-assembled replacement bearing plate, upper and lower spring isolators, upper spring seat, coil spring, boot kit, and a premium Monroe Sensa-Trac® strut. This breakthrough design saves on installation time by eliminating having to disassemble components and compress the coil spring prior to installation. Each Quick-Strut assembly features application-engineered valving to optimize each vehicle's unique ride and handling characteristics. There is no need to take the entire assembly apart, or to compress the coil spring, which saves you both time and money!


The Monroe Quick•Strut is:

Quicker - No need to take apart existing strut assembly, or locate replacement hardware or miscellaneous parts

Safer - No need to compress coil springs

Easier - No specialized tools needed



  • Upper Strut Mount

  • Upper Spring Seat

  • Coil Spring

  • Boot Kit

  • Lower Spring Isolator

  • Sensa-Trac Strut



  • New Monroe Sensa-Trac Strut

  • New upper mount

  • New coil spring

  • All pre-assembled for easier installation



  • Buick Quick•Strut

  • Chevrolet Quick•Strut

  • Chrysler Quick•Strut

  • Buick Quick•Strut

  • Dodge Quick•Strut

  • Ford Quick•Strut

  • General Motors Quick•Strut

  • Honda Quick•Strut

  • Mercury Quick•Strut

  • Toyota Quick•Strut

  • Volkswagen Quick•Strut



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