Monroe Sensa-Trac & Reflex Shocks & Struts

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Monroe Sensa-Trac shocks and struts have a tapered groove machined into the inside housing. While the piston is in the groove, a soft, comfortable ride is achieved, but when the piston travels above or below the groove, during rough roads or severe handling, the valving stiffens up. Also, the new Monroe Safe-Tech system works with the existing groove-tube technology to provide smoother piston travel, making the Monroe Sensa-Tracs even more responsive than ever to changing road conditions. Monroe Sensa-Tracs are designed to be used when a comfortable ride and not handling is a primary concern.


Monroe Reflex shocks and struts delivers an entirely new level of performance. Performance that maximizes safety and control, without compromising comfort. A genuine engineering innovation, the patent-pending impact Sensor technology is the most important development in almost two decades. The patent pending Impact Sensor acts as a switch between firm and soft compression damping. Under normal road conditions, the Monroe Reflex delivers firm handling. When the tire encounters a bump or pothole, the switch opens in just 12 milliseconds, absorbing the impact. The switch then closes in 15 milliseconds, restoring the firm ride and maximizing tire-to-road contact.



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