Sun Visor Fabric Repair Kits

Heads-Up OptionZ Leaf Camouflage Custom Sun Visor Kit
Heads-Up OptionZ Suede Custom Sun Visor Kits
Heads-Up OptionZ VIP Custom Sun Visor Kit
Heads-Up Universal Sun Visor Kits
Enough material to complete 2 sun visors
Our Price: $35.95
Available in Black, Gray or Doe Skin
Our Price: $46.95
Our Price: $35.95
1 Review
Available in an assortment of colors
Our Price: $34.95
Heads-Up Quick Fix Headliner Adhesive (19 oz.)
Heads-Up Ultra-Grip Interior Adhesive (16 oz.)
3 Reviews
Heat-safe headliner adhesive for replacing old or damaged headliners
Our Price: $11.95
1 Review
Adhesive spray designed to work with flexible interior fabrics
Our Price: $10.95
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